About DBL Administration

All digital assets stored within DBL are owned or managed by one or more Organizations. Management and licensing of assets (called “Entries” in DBL) takes place primarily through the interface for administering Organizations.

A DBL organization may be either a content contributor (also called an IPC or “Intellectual Property Contributor”) or a publisher of content (also called an LCH or “Library Card Holder”).

To simplify and empower administrative functions, DBL arranges organization within a hierarchical structure. This structure provides and enforces an inheritance from parent organizations to their sub-organization (children) of selected user roles, and the visibility of entries and content items such as licensing documents.

Organizations have member users who are assigned roles and permissions for maintaining and managing the organization itself or its owned entries. If necessary, organizations may choose to delegate management and maintenance responsibilities to another organization in the system.

DBL provides an interface for an organization to add and maintain licensing documents which can be used for establishing agreements between partnering organization’s for access to a DBL entry. DBL provides a consistent and predictable workflow for managing the agreement process, and for monitoring license expiry. An ongoing history is recorded for all organization activity which may be reviewed by members of the organization at any time.

IPC Organization Diagram


This diagrams illustrates the structure of an IPC organization DBL. The organization manages scripture Assets and Licenses (licensing documents). Agreements record a transactions between partners. People have specific assignments within the organization such as “Archivist” or “Licenser”. DBL maintains a History log of organization activities.

LCH Organization Diagram


This diagram illustrates the structure of an LCH organization. Downloads of scripture assets are made available through license Agreements. The LCH is able to select the Licenses they are willing to enter into agreements through. People have assignments within the organization such as “Licenser” or “Publisher” (ability to download). DBL maintains a History log of organization activities.